Perhaps as a penance for writing a long novel, I’ve taken to writing microstories – stories of 600-1000 words. Sometimes known as Three Minutes Stores or Flash Fiction. Initially these were for LinkedIn writing competitions, and now I’ve expanded a collection of Sci Fi microstories for a book to be published in late spring/early summer 2016.

Here are some of the stories:

General fiction:

  1. Old Hu
  2. Rising from the Waters
  3. A Gentleman’s Tale of Betrayal Down Under
  4. The Tagedy of Liberty
  5. Night’s Bright Shadow Completes the Man
  6. Earth, Water, Fire and Air

Sci Fi Microstories

  1. Did Curiosity Kill the Cat?
  2. Transfeline
  3. Product Testing Time
  4. The End of the Story

I hope you enjoy reading these – and watch out for the collection!

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