Five star review of The Future is Short 2

Just noticed a five star review on of The Future is Short 2, a collection of microstories in which I have 4 stories.

This is what it says:

on November 7, 2015
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
This review is long overdue. My compliments to the all authors featured in this compilation, I have yet to read all the selections, but my favorites thus far are from Carol Shelter, Jot Russell, Andy Lake, Thomas N. Huber and Paula Friedman. What impresses me the most about these stories is how complete they are given the micro nature. I never would have believed you could get a beginning, middle and end in few words and still come out with an exciting, insightful and sometimes, touching story. I also like the grouping of the stories into categories. Whether you’re seeking a peek into how we will deal with issues facing the Earth, travel beyond the stars, alien encounters, or what it means to be human in the first place, you’ll find a good story here
Thanks, TJ Sachs!
And yes, it is from 2015. Which shows how often I check out Amazon reviews!
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